To support PAU's goals to train psychologists and counselors who are:

- Clinicians and clinical administrators

- Clinical teachers and supervisors

- Clinical researchers and supervisors

by recruiting, retaining, and mentoring Latinx students, with a special focus on Spanish-speaking students committed to serving Spanish-speaking communities.


To contribute to PAU becoming a nationally & internationally recognized and respected educational institution that trains Spanish-speaking psychologists and counselors to provide excellent clinical care, to teach others to do so, and to engage in research and development of innovative clinical tools to serve Spanish-speaking communities nationally & internationally. 



The Latinx Task Force (LTF) was formed in the Spring of 2017 and is funded by the Palo Alto University Unity Grant Program, created by our President Dr. Maureen O’Connor. Through this grant, the LTF proposes to:​

- Serve as an institutional advocacy committee

- Support clinical and pedagogical research and practice

- Highlight the needs of Spanish-speaking community members, clients, students, staff, faculty, supervisors, and administrators

- Expand capacity in Spanish-language coursework, community outreach, and supervision

- Support the professional development pipeline to increase the number of Spanish-speaking providers and reduce Spanish-language treatment disparities

- Recruit, support, and mentor Latinx students who are interested in becoming clinical, academic, or research leaders locally, nationally, and internationally.

Contact the LTF at