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5150 El Camino Real, Building C, Suite 15, Los Altos, CA 94022 - (650) 417-2037

Clínica Latina is a specialty clinic of the Gronowski Center and Palo Alto University and provides bilingual mental health services to the Latinx community. PAU doctoral student therapists provide culturally competent mental health services under the supervision of bicultural/bilingual licensed psychologists to adults, couples, adolescents, children, older adults, and families. The services offered include treatment for:

Depression; Anxiety; Stress; Trauma; Immigration and Acculturation Stress; Couples & Family Therapy; Parenting; Grief, Behavioral problems in youth.

If you’re interested in receiving more information about services at Clínica, including information on how you can refer a patient to our center, please call (650) 417-2037.

Si necesita información sobre nuestros servicios, por favor llámenos al (650) 417-2037.

5150 El Camino Real, Building C, Suite 15, Los Altos, CA 94022 - (650) 417-2037



Clínica Latina is a specialty clinic of PAU’s Gronowski Center. 

Why Clínica Latina?

- Clínica Latina serves a diverse clientele ranging from recent immigrants, first and second generation Latinx clients with different levels of acculturation and various mental health presenting problems and levels of acuity.

- Student therapists have the opportunity to work with individuals, young adults, families, children and couples.

- Student therapists at Clínica Latina are trained in providing multicultural services and the use of Spanish language therapeutic terms.

 - Student therapists at Clínica Latina are highly competitive at BAPIC placements for advance practicums and internship.

- We work very closely with SGIC (Sexual and Gender Identity Clinic) and the General Clinic for expert consultation to respond to the diversity of our clients intersectionalities.

For more information please contact: Elisabet Revilla, Ph.D. 


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Audrey C., 2016-2017, PsyD Program

My rotation in La Clínica was a profound clinical experience that fostered both my personal and professional development. I was privileged to work with Latinx individuals across the lifespan, from preschool-aged children to 80+ years old, gaining valuable experience across a wide range of presenting issues at various developmental stages. Working with immigrants and first-generation Latinx children allowed me additional clinical opportunities to support my clients in the educational system and the community, through collaboration to increase their access to resources. My supervisor ensured that I was simultaneously supported and challenged in my clinical work and the members of La Clínica felt like family that I could turn to in times of need. In terms of enhancing competitiveness for future placements and strengthening one’s curriculum vitae, it’s difficult to think of a stronger practicum site. Providing therapy and being supervised in Spanish is a unique opportunity that is highly valued throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Many BAPIC sites have high percentages of Latinx clients and are eager to accept students who have conducted therapy in Spanish. In sum, La Clínica offers a collaborative atmosphere, superb supervision, resilient client population, and an unmatched clinical experience.