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The folks that make up the Latinx Task Force do some great work on their own. See some of the things our students, staff, and faculty have accomplished over the years!

Orgullo Latinx!

Partner organizations at PAU

There are several existing organizations at PAU interested in improving Latinx representation at PAU. These organizations are also interested in improving the lives of Latinx locally, nationally, and beyond through service, research, and more. These organizations include:

  • La Clínica Latina, which provides mental health services in Spanish to the local community while providing students with valuable training

  • The PAU Latinx Students Organization (PULSO), which provides a community for existing and potential Latinx and non-Latinx students alike at PAU

  • Latinx-focused research groups, including labs led by Drs. Barrera, Bunge, Muñoz, and Patel, which have ongoing projects focused on Latinx. These labs provide opportunities for students (including undergraduates) interested in serving Latinx through research.

  • The National Latina/o Psychological Association (NLPA), whose members include Dr. Barrera and her students. Dr. Barrera is heavily involved in planning the next NLPA conference. Students and faculty are equally encouraged to become active NLPA members.


See what our student staff members are working on!

Our student staff is working on a number of projects to achieve the aims of the grant proposal. This includes a detailed report that outlines the number of Latinx students from all programs who attended PAU in the last five years, an account of their activities after leaving PAU, and recommendations on how to help PAU gain designation as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). This report is currently being put together. To be notified of when this report is released, leave us your contact information under “Learn More.”

Our student staff is also working on planning and organizing events intended to increase recruitment and retention of Latinx students at PAU, emphasizing the pipeline towards advanced professional degrees.