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Palo Alto University Latino Student Organization

Our Mission: The Palo Alto University Student Latinx Organization, better known as PULSO, is committed to expanding Latinx multicultural awareness with the student psychological community through education, mentorship, and service. PULSO is in close collaboration with the Latinx Task Force and faculty at Palo Alto University to bring research and clinical awareness of Latinx issues to the community.

2018-19 PULSO Board



Provide annual PRS awards for excellence in student research pertaining to Latinx Mental Health.
Purchase Spanish-language assessment measures and Latinx Mental Health resources for Clinica Latina and PAU library.
Provide speaker series for clinical and research issues regarding the Latinx community.
Participated in the creation, and implementation of the Latinx Task Force as part of the UNITY Grant.



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September 22, 2017

Pulso and Diaspora Mixer

December 13, 2017

Pulso Presents: White Elephant at Clinica Latina

February 16, 2018

Pulso & LTF Present: Latinx Panel

April 11, 2018

Clinical Considerations in Working With Immigrant Populations



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Speaker Series

This event hosted five PAU faculty members to speak about their clinical and research experiences with Latinx issues.

Dr. Alinne Barrera

Associate Director for the Institute for International Internet Interventions for Health (i4Health). 
Interested in Latino mental health; depression prevention; maternal mental health and technology use; cultural adaptations.
Her research focuses on designing and testing depression programs for under-served populations. Her most recent work consists of prevention for postpartum depression using Web-based randomized trial.

Dr. Elisabet Revilla & Dr. Martha Hernandez

Dr. Revilla is theDirector of Clinica Latina, specialty clinic at Gronowski Center.
Dr. Hernandez is a supervisor for the specialty clinic at Gronowski Center, La Clinica Latina.

Dr. Ricardo F. Muñoz

Dr. Muñoz is the Founder, Institute for International Internet Interventions for Health (i4Health).

Prevention and treatment of depression; smoking cessation; evidence-based Internet interventions for health and wellness; digital self-help; reducing health disparities worldwide.

Dr. Muñoz's presentation: Adapting Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression to Serve Latinx Clients: A Reality Management Approach

Dr. Eduardo Bunge

Dr. Eduardo Bunge is Professor in the Ph.D. program and the Master of Arts in Counseling program at Palo Alto University. Dr. Bunge currently directs the Children and Adolescents Psychotherapy and Technology (CAPT) Research Lab. 

He is a codirector of a children and adolescents clinic in Buenos Aires (Fundación de Terapia Cognitiva con Niños y Adolescentes, ETCI, www.etci.com.ar), earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Buenos Aires, and received his Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

.Dr. Bunge was born and educated in Argentina, and is highly committed to improving the knowledge and services of mental health in the developing countries of Latin America, he has been working on the dissemination of evidence-based approaches, through lectures, articles and published books all around the Americas.