Adult Students



Taught by Dr. Martha Hernandez

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The main objective of the course is to introduce students to the basic and essential clinical vocabulary, cultural considerations, and clinical skills required to work with Spanish-speaking clients. This course will emphasize skills common to all theoretical approaches, such as developing a therapeutic relationship; conveying warmth, empathy and genuineness; eliciting appropriate information; defining a presenting problem; assessing risk factors; being culturally-sensitive and appropriate, and managing transference and countertransference. Clinical examples and assignments will include diverse clients from varying identities. Attention to cultural factors and variations across clients is a pervasive theme for the course. Culture, gender and gender identity, class, sexual orientation, disability status, and ethnicity are discussed as variables affecting development, clinical interviews, relationships, and psychotherapy. Students practice clinical case report writing and presentation skills, as well as demonstrate a basic understanding of treatment of working with a range of clinical presentations and ages.