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Paola M-R., 2017-2018, PhD program

Being a part of Clínica Latina has been an incredibly rewarding experience overall. It has allowed me the opportunity to grow as a clinician in training, and it has allowed me the experience of learning how to provide mental health services to underserved Latinx individuals in my native language (i.e., Spanish). There is something both gratifying and challenging about about being able to provide services to people to whom you can relate to on a very personal level due to sharing similar cultural backgrounds, but also with whom you may encounter minor language barriers due to the different ethnicities that comprise the Latinx population. Thus, working in Clínica Latina has opened my eyes to the myriad of unique factors that differentiate Latinx individuals, specially those with intersecting gender/sexual minority identities. Additionally, working with my clients in Clínica Latina has further opened my eyes to some of the social issues that exist in their countries of origin, such as the lack of protection for victims of hate crimes committed against gender/sexual minorities. Moreover, working with my clients has taught me about some of the struggles faced by Latinx individuals within their community, specially in light of the recent political climate. I am sure that my experiences in Clínica Latina will help me navigate how to become a well-rounded, competent, and culturally humble clinician in my practica and future professional experiences to come.

Joanna S., 2015-2016, PhD Program

The ability to train at La Clínica Latina at the Gronowski Center was an important factor in my choice to pursue my Ph.D. at PAU. This specialized training was an extraordinary opportunity to receive clinical supervision in Spanish, targeted training in cultural case formulation, and tailoring interventions to meet the needs of Spanish-speaking Latinx children and families. During my training year, we also received guidance in working with Spanish-speaking Latinx refugees from knowledgeable and experienced supervisors. Having such specialized training also provided me a competitive edge when applying to external practicums the following year. Overall, it was an amazing experience that provided me the fundamental knowledge I continue to build on throughout my placements within school, community clinic, and medical settings.

Reyna R., 2016-2017, PhD Program

My clinical rotation at La Clínica Latina was a great first practicum experience. In this specialty clinic, I was around like-minded individuals that shared the same motivation to serve clients that often have difficulties findings services in their preferred language. In addition, I learned countless clinical skills with the guidance of a very wonderful supervisor. I would not change my decision to applying to La Clínica Latina!

Kristina M., 2015-2016, PhD Program

My rotation at La Clínica Latina was an invaluable part of my training at PAU. I gained more comfort practicing therapy in Spanish, and learned much more about the various cultural considerations that may arise when working with a diverse array of Latinx clientele. La Clínica is like family, and I was so grateful to receive such supportive and compassionate training during my first year of practicum. My rotation here made me competitive for external practicum at CHAC's Latinx Training Track, and has been invaluable in supporting my research with recently arrived Latinx youth. I also feel much more connected to and proud of my culture, which had not been celebrated so much until arriving at La Clínica. ¡Mil gracias!


Audrey C., 2016-2017, PsyD Program

My rotation in La Clínica was a profound clinical experience that fostered both my personal and professional development. I was privileged to work with Latinx individuals across the lifespan, from preschool-aged children to 80+ years old, gaining valuable experience across a wide range of presenting issues at various developmental stages. Working with immigrants and first-generation Latinx children allowed me additional clinical opportunities to support my clients in the educational system and the community, through collaboration to increase their access to resources. My supervisor ensured that I was simultaneously supported and challenged in my clinical work and the members of La Clínica felt like family that I could turn to in times of need. In terms of enhancing competitiveness for future placements and strengthening one’s curriculum vitae, it’s difficult to think of a stronger practicum site. Providing therapy and being supervised in Spanish is a unique opportunity that is highly valued throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Many BAPIC sites have high percentages of Latinx clients and are eager to accept students who have conducted therapy in Spanish. In sum, La Clínica offers a collaborative atmosphere, superb supervision, resilient client population, and an unmatched clinical experience.

Sierra S., 2014-2015, PhD program 

As a non-native bilingual Spanish speaker, I was nervous to start at Clinica Latina, but am so happy that I did. I loved working not only with the wide variety of patients at Clinica, but also with the supervisors and other students whom I grew close to. Since my time at Clinica Latina, I have trained at the San Francisco VA, and most recently, at San Quentin State Prison. I have had the opportunity to conduct therapy in Spanish at San Quentin and have been able to advocate for Spanish speaking patients there. I also just finished internship interviews and found myself speaking about my experience at Clinica Latina frequently. I know that as I continue on to internship year, I will continue to use my Spanish language skills and valuable knowledge I learned while at La Clinica.

Chloe R., 2016-2017, PsyD Program

My experience in La Clinica Latina was very rewarding. It was my first year of clinical work and although at first I was hesitant to do therapy in English and Spanish for my first experience as a therapist, in the end I learned so much and I feel I am a better clinician as a result. My supervisor really made sure to emphasize cultural sensitivity and understanding as a thread throughout our clinical year. The clients you will see are so grateful for your work and your time with them can hopefully change their lives for the better. Strongly recommend that experience.